The topic of planned or scheduled sex is often a controversial one in the dating world. Some people argue that it takes away from the spontaneity and excitement of sex, while others believe it can actually enhance intimacy and communication within a relationship. In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of planned sex, and how it can be used to improve your sex life.

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What is Planned Sex?

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Planned sex, also known as scheduled sex, is the act of intentionally setting aside time for sexual activity. This can be as simple as penciling in a date night with your partner or scheduling a specific time for intimacy. While some people may view this as unromantic or unsexy, planned sex can actually be a helpful tool for busy couples who struggle to find time for intimacy in their hectic schedules.

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The Benefits of Planned Sex

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One of the biggest benefits of planned sex is that it allows couples to prioritize intimacy in their relationship. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy for sex to take a backseat to work, family, and other responsibilities. By scheduling time for intimacy, couples can ensure that they are making time for each other and keeping the spark alive in their relationship.

Planned sex can also help improve communication between partners. By openly discussing and planning for sexual activity, couples can ensure that both partners' needs and desires are being met. This can lead to a healthier and more satisfying sex life for both parties.

Additionally, planned sex can help couples explore new sexual experiences and fantasies. By setting aside time for intimacy, couples can experiment with different techniques, positions, and activities that they may not have had time for otherwise.

The Drawbacks of Planned Sex

While planned sex can be beneficial for many couples, it's important to acknowledge that it may not be for everyone. Some people may feel that scheduling sex takes away from the spontaneity and excitement of sexual activity. They may worry that it feels too mechanical or forced, and that it lacks the passion and intimacy of spontaneous sex.

In addition, some couples may struggle with the pressure of sticking to a schedule and feeling like they have to have sex at a specific time, regardless of their mood or desires. This can lead to feelings of disappointment or resentment if one or both partners are not in the mood at the scheduled time.

How to Incorporate Planned Sex Into Your Relationship

If you're interested in trying planned sex with your partner, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful. First, it's important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your desires, boundaries, and expectations. This can help ensure that both partners feel comfortable and respected during scheduled sexual activity.

It's also important to be flexible and understanding when it comes to planned sex. If one or both partners are not in the mood at the scheduled time, it's okay to reschedule or find other ways to connect intimately. The goal of planned sex is to enhance intimacy and communication within a relationship, not to create pressure or obligation.

Finally, it can be helpful to approach planned sex with a sense of adventure and playfulness. Use this time to explore new sexual experiences, try out different techniques, and communicate openly about your desires and fantasies. This can help make scheduled sexual activity feel more exciting and fulfilling for both partners.

In conclusion, planned sex can be a helpful tool for couples who struggle to find time for intimacy in their busy lives. By prioritizing sexual activity and communication, couples can strengthen their relationship and enhance their sex life. However, it's important to approach planned sex with an open mind and a sense of flexibility, and to communicate openly with your partner about your desires and boundaries. Ultimately, the key to a successful sex life is finding what works best for you and your partner, whether that's through planned sex, spontaneous sex, or a combination of both.